Did the Yeezy's really jump over the jumpman?
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SHIRT   "I Don't Like Lorde"

SHIRT “I Don’t Like Lorde”

Here, listen to this. You’ll probably like it. What is it? It’s Queens emcee SHIRT talking about how he dislikes Lorde for her “Royals” single and how obvious his steez is. Who produced it? 2 Hungry Bros. Where can you get more of this stuff? Well, James and I put together a compilation tape of...
Check Check, Mic Check One Two One Two

Check Check, Mic Check One Two One Two

Hey there world, this is just a test. Don’t lose your shit, we’re better than a two sentence post alright, calm it down. Or you can lose your shit, it’s unhealthy to hold on to stool for too long and we want you around for awhile; so you can witness P.S. 4080 in all of...