The only real news that you need to know is that Missy Elliott and Timbaland are working in the studio again. That just means parties are gonna get way more live this year. Oh, and 50 said what we were all thinking about the Grammys:

Why should you care about Snoh Aalegra? Besides the fact that she can sing her ass of, she’s working with No I.D. who has a knack for developing great singers. And she can sing her ass of. The Swedish-Persian singer met the producer for this track, who is none other than the RZA, at Nile Rogers’ Grammy party one year. And this was the result. So what did we learn? Always attend Nile Rogers’ Grammy party when you get that invite. DON’T ARCHIVE THAT IN YA MAILBOX.

More Wu-Tang? Sure. GZA is finally prepping his next solo album, Dark Matter. As expected, it’s chock full of technical science references, as that’s been his thing for a while. He got Audioslave/Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello to assist on the string. Yeah, I said strings. Guitars have strings. Tom Morello on strings.

I’ve seen Hezekiah’s name here and there but never took the time to get into his music. This new single from his album, Dreams Don’t Chase Themselves, definitely caught my attention with the wordplay. You can listen to the whole thing on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

I was a big fan of Mod Sun when he first broke into the blog around 2009/2010. He was more party raps and about good vibes like The Dirty Heads and Asher Roth. But he could flow like a mofo. While my tastes in Hip-Hop have changed, I always believe you need a break from whatever you’re getting into just to keep the ears fresh. So here’s a #TBT in a way, from me to you, even though it’s a Wednesday. Sue me. It’s the third single from his next album, Look Up.

“8 baby mamas chillin’ in the sauna…” Can’t wait for the next album, The Ecology, from the Mass Appeal artist.

Tunji Ige comes through with a great visual for one of the stronger tracks on his last tape, The Love Project. It ain’t always love for the PA artist in the streets.

The Funky Technician has to be one of my favorite rappers, technically. The epic battle between him and Percee P had me hooked on battle rap for days. DJ Eclipse has been putting unreleased videos from the golden days of Fat Beats, the most recent Mecca of Hip-Hop in NYC. It unfortunately closed its physical doors in NYC. This one was from the opening day of the 6th Ave location. DJ Three was on the turntables. I had the honor of buying some records right before they closed and as you stepped upstairs, you could tell that there was some history in that store. Peep the other performances here.