Suge Knight Watch: There was no gun or gunman seen in the video footage where Suge bulldozed over a dude. Clearly this would poke a Suge Knight sized hole in his argument that he was defending himself against a shooter.

Drake is expected to land at the #1 spot on the charts with his new album. A friend joked that after being denied entrance to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music’s outdoor show in Manhattan a couple nights ago, he put out the album out of spite. I LOL’d, especially since I got into the show (shout out the plug AKA Paul). On a side note, the trend of “surprise” albums is a very welcomed one. My desire for instant gratification > short attention span. Labels and managers can stop worrying about my forgetting an album is coming out and just put it out. One more behind the scenes video, single, or video, won’t make a date more poignant to me the next morning when tweets barely make it past three seconds in my brain. What if you’re not Drake or Beyonce? Have some faith in your music and line up with the right blogs, not all of them (know your audience), to post the project. Good music inevitably travels by word of mouth, friends, and social networks. Don’t buy into the system of pre-release marketing schemes. But let’s get back to the music. I ain’t with all that.

Sorry for the delay on this but the official trailer for the N.W.A. biopic is out. While it’s Wu-Tang forever, N.W.A. is probably one of my top favorite Hip-Hop groups of all time. Plus this movie looks epic as hell. Yes, that’s a tank. Too bad they couldn’t borrow Master P’s.

Jay Z is not only king of NYC but also the USA apparently (22/50 states, that is). This was put together by another site that studies the relationship between music and technology. The data came from The Echo Nest which is apparently the MLB of data for music. In other words, they collect info on everything.


Rap songs that involve girls are tough. They’re nine times out of ten corny and banal to everyone but the rapper. But it is Valentine’s Day for another 30 minutes and this song is that one time out of ten. Montreal emcee Wasiu scores a great beat from Kaytranada and had this to say about the track:

“‘Physical’ is about casual sex where love is strictly forbidden. The lyric, ‘I can’t feel your love cause I’m numb to it,’ explains how years of emotional pain can make someone emotionless, and consequently this can turn a once seeker of love into a seeker of numbers, seeking phone numbers to increase body count. The cover art for the single embodies this notion and depicts the numbers/barcode/body count wordplay.”

The always classic production duo, Cookin’ Soul, threw Prodigy’s “Keep It Thoro” over Toro y Moi’s “Day One.” Let’s just say it works really well.

If you unfollowed Curren$y on Instagram because of his incessant posts of toy cars, you probably missed the announcement that Pilot Talk 3 will be a thing and will be released April 4th. Below is a taste of that.

Duck Down took to the streets to have random people read Sean Price lyrics for the song “Heartburn.” If you don’t know Sean Price, he can get pretty vulgar. You can skip to around 1:36 for the best responses.