First, thank you to everyone who downloaded, listened, and/or shared our first compilation tape of exclusive music. And double thank you if you came to our release show. That shit was ultra lit. I don’t use that word lightly. All Nat and the live performers (Scienze, JohnNY U, SHIRT, Lurkavelli, YL, Starker, MadKem) killed their songs. Then it wrapped up with an open mic cypher that lasted for almost an hour. We’re already starting to work on our next tape and show so stay tuned for that. We’re also working on a video recap of the event to watch endlessly on your Kindle.

On to some news. JNCO Jeans is prepping a come back. Is the skinny jean era over already?

Kid Cudi is set to replace Reggie Watts as the musical co-star on Comedy Bang! Bang!. Watts will be leaving to join The Late Late Show With James Corden. Man on the Moon III is going to get extra weird now.

The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S600 is going to be a real thing and real expensive. It’s a limo that comes with no guilt and a lot of naked ladies when you sign the paperwork.

Finally, Kanye West had an hour long interview on the Breakfast Club. Unfortunately it won’t get the attention it deserves because there was no rant and he didn’t do anything super controversial. Basically, he represented himself in a positive light and well, the media loves a public fool. He did make an interesting comment on making his clothes more available since his music was never put out in limited release. He also reveals that there was a project with Drake in the works, called Wolves, but was put on hold.

Chicago’s Benny Francs lays some smooth flows over an even smoother beat. Sorry Benny, Bllessah blessed us slightly more with those samples.

Scienze and JohnNY U are joined by Elle Pierre on this new cut that sounds like it came off the new James Bond soundtrack.

Goldlink continues to put out his very danceable brand of Hip-Hop. His creativity has caught the attention of Rick Rubin so we’ll see what music will come out of those sessions.

Not much to say about this but it sounds really cool. French joins American Rock band, The Neighborhood.

Ka gets grouped into a caste of rappers SHIRT and Willie The Kid. They’ll continually put out projects that don’t get critical acclaim but deserve it. If this is your first listen, I strongly encourage you to check out his discography.

Anjelihs puts out a creative music video for a song he put out 9 months ago. The MA artist has an amazing sound that works for his unique voice.

A-Trak and Lex Luger seem to be putting out music whenever they feel like it. This trippy ass, futuristic video with Que should have their fans lost in an infinite loop until their next one.

If you make music that could fit in a Quentin Tarantino movie, chances are that I’ll like it. This new video from the California artist, Cam Gnarly, fits that criteria.