Drake is making waves with every single track of If You’re Reading This being on the Billboard charts. But just wait until the next big thing in Hip-Hop is to release two surprise albums within a week or some short period of time. While people are still getting over the first surprise album, some artist is going to hit the world with another full project just to fuck the game up.

Power 105 has surpassed Hot 97 in ratings, according to a recent Nielson report. This news only confirms what everyone has been sensing.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Afroman announced that he’s retiring from rapping but says he will continue to record music and put out music videos. He most likely meant that he will no longer perform, as far as his retirement goes.

Big Sean can’t yawn. Watch his surprisingly good acting in this PSA:

Most importantly, some haters spoke with people who were lucky enough to be featured on Pimp My Ride. Apparently there was a lot of misleading information about the car owners, what actually was changed to the cars, and other smoke and mirrors. In reality, it was the perfect rapper music video starter kit. So maybe all of this stemmed from the car owners complaining about crappy rappers hitting them up to “borrow” the car.

It’s been a while since we got some Flatbush Zombies and this beat is seriously knocking. It also features A$AP Twelvyy. Twelvyy is improving though.

Thinker and creator, John Forte, put out some light work that carries heavy thoughts.

Ab-Soul tweeted this song out that it might get him dropped from TDE for some reason but if anything, it’ll earn some more fans and quench the thirst of his current ones. An Alchemist x Ab-Soul album would be ill. #LongLiveSteelo

2080 rapper, EMIL (FKA Fonz-E Mak), put out Nineteen / TWENTY and it’s been something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. His raps are super accessible and the production choice is always smooth.

If you’ve been listening to Clipse, like I always am, and have been looking for something new to rock to with that gangster lean, this video is perfect. Step deep into the caves of the NYC MTA.

Action Bronson is living the life. He eats like a king. He’s putting out an album through a major label. And he’s making music videos with no regard for anyone’s opinion besides his own. James may not be rocking with Action’s discography, but this track is a different look and should appeal to those tired of his predictable production, regardless how enjoyable it is to fans like me.

Mass Appeal has been on a signing rampage in the last couple years. Bishop Nehru, Run The Jewels, Boldy James, Dave East, and Fashawn. That last name has been on my “to watch” list for a while now and this freestyle from Statik’s show is a prime example. I have his Ecology album sitting on my laptop but it’ll get some plays soon enough.