So far, James and I like the format we’ve adopted of these grapeshot posts. I mean, when we do find something that immediately calls for a single post because it’s that great, we won’t deny it (plus, we have a lot of catching up to do). But for now, there’s so much dope content that we’d love to curate for you that this will save both of us some time and ctrl + clicking.

To start off, I had the opportunity to listen to The Dream’s upcoming project that will be released in 2015. He and Trick invited a few journalists to a studio in the LES to preview the music. I’ve only recently gotten back into R&B heavily so this was actually a treat (they had Ms. Lily’s catered but I ate a damn burrito right before/you already know I had some banana pudding though). It’s going to be broken down into two EP’s: Crown and Jewel. The former is more of what he’s been on lately, like the track below. The latter is filled with songs he would normally give to other artists but this time around, he’s taken them for himself. Capitol Records is trying to give The Dream that look in 2015. All together, The Dream is on some cool ish. There’s one song that sounded like it would’ve been the perfect song to bring the Fugees back together and another one that opens the whole project that was impossible not to vibe to. You’ll find out soon enough.

Another thing I keep getting into is battle rap. Bars are bars. Battle Rap created a list of the top battles in the last few months. This is one of the few times I love a list. Now I haven’t watched all of these battles, but so far, so good. Let us know which are your favorite or if they left any out. And you can’t hate for us not watching all of them. Some of these are about an hour long. We got day jobs, my guy.

Suge Knight… SMH.


For anyone in Los Angeles, the Tupac Shakur special exhibit opened a couple days ago. It closes on Earth Day AKA 2 days after 4/20 AKA April 22 AKA hurry up man and go, like don’t rush because you got a couple months, but don’t flip flop on going.

Bun B will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution of finding answers to the universe’s questions, online.

I don’t know how but the people at Genius (formerly just RapGenius) got Rick Rubin to sit down and annotate music from Metallica to Jay Z. And when I sat down, I mean he sat, Indian style, in a perfectly combed sandbox with his Windows Surface floating in front of him.

On to some music. If you needed something to put on during work, Von Pea and The Other Guys put out the instrumental version of their To:You project. You can stream the Jazzy goodness below, along with the original version with rappity rap words. But forreal, Von Pea is nice on the mic.


BJ the Chicago Kid put out a video for “Strawberry Bubblegum.” It’s basically re-purposed clips from Belly but that’s a good thing. You can get the full project this song is from HERE.

North Carolina has some serious talent. Well$ is a perfect example. He put out a new freestyle over some Jai Paul. Careful out there, bikers.

Queens’ Bryant Dope put together a great, simple video for “Vibrant Soul.” It features Felicia Limada as the performance artist. You have to think that this was inspired by “Vivrant Thing.”

Our compilation tape drops on 2/18. Mark that date, sucka.