First thing’s first. I’m the realest. Second, if you know anything that’s good for you, you know that our compilation tape Back Of The Bus is dropping 2/18. So to help celebrate the occasion, we’re hosting a release party/show at Leftfield in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Be sure to follow our Twitter for the official flier. It’ll be from 7-10pm. No cover. Live performances. DJ. Live band. Definitely a good time.

On to some news. For today’s edition of Suge Knight Watch, he is back in prison. Stay tuned for the most thrilling updates on Suge Knight’s status.

Today is J Dilla’s birthday. It’s beautiful to see Dilla Day grow into more and more cities in the country. The more the awareness of his music is raised, the higher the chance more good music will be brought into the world

Lil Wayne has announced yet another project right after his release of Sorry 4 The Wait 2. It will be called the Free Weezy Album. The only question is, do we need an onslaught of new Weezy? The last time that happened, the quality went down the drain and he lost relevance. Then we got Trukfit… [shivers]

Is anyone else amused when people/blogs consider it news when artists post about working on their next album? ScHoolboy Q recently tweeted that he’s working in the studio on his next album and soon after the news was everywhere. As much as I’m looking forward to a follow up to Oxymoron, let’s not forget that it is after all his job to make music. He’s an artist. I don’t tweet everyday that I’m headed to the office like I split the Red Sea.

It seems that it’s becoming more apparent that native artists are unsatisfied with Noisey for their coverage of cities like Atlanta and Chicago. Noisey has created a series of videos on the two cities, often showing the underbelly of those cities. I’ve spoken with a few artists from both cities and have not received any positive feelings towards the series. While artists like Jarren Benton criticize Noisey for only depicting aspects like strip clubs, drug dealers, and the death rate, it’s up to you to decide what kind of role Noisey and Vice, as a whole, plays in society as a media source. Should they be reporting on what’s dominating that microcosm or try and take a more active route of changing the perception of the city? I prefer my news in the form of HD Youtube videos.

Now for some music.

If Lil Ugly Mane grew up in Chicago, you’d get “Slide.” HF Ando and Black Matt taking turns with some quick rhymes and off beat rhymes over Zepeda production. Zepeda must have grown up on some Three 6.

Kaytranada will always get love from these parts of the internet. He produced the new song from SaveMoney’s Towkio new track which features Vic Mensa. The trend of New Disco in music is definitely welcomed. This comes off of Towkio’s .wav Theory LP which drops in April.

Cali’s Problem continues to work with out of the box producers like Salva and releases “Compton.” Step into the hood without even leaving your living room.

If you don’t know Slum Village, expect to be introduced to great music like this from us in the future. The Detroit group is prepping their next album and this first one from producer Young RJ is hard.

This next project is ultra funky. You’ll want to play this New York group tomorrow morning when you’re nursing your hangover or right now as you get into your groove at the house party you’re at.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of music from artists who choose to address social injustice, racism, and similar topics. Very rarely is it done as effectively as L.atasha A.lcindor’s “Bee.Em.” Another group to look into is The Black Opera. Shout out Shiyah for the heads up on this one.