I haven’t posted in a while. Here’s something to make up for it. And this. Oh, and this. As if I’d let James just run this site.

In other news, the Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill is now Diamond (sold > 10 million copies). Slow and steady low, guys.

John Forte continues to do what most of us can’t–calmly express his pain in a clever way. This time he was moved to speak on the shameful chanting of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma.

I’m a sucker for producer albums usually because of the emcees featured on the project. It’s like a last hurrah every time for me to revisit emcees a younger me would be obsessed with. But with DirtyDiggs’ new album, I’m just excited, if not more, to hear what style the Cali producer will go in.

It’s great to see us all in a digital space/time where we no longer really stick to presumptions of sounds like we used to, based on geography. Chicago and Atlanta are the best examples of that for me. Coming out of Atlanta, producer Childish Major and emcee Matik Estrada are doing their community, and yours, by packaging this free project to you.

Why didn’t I learn about the Durag Dynasty in high school? Because I went to public school and wasn’t home schooled by Kim Kardashian. Lucky for you, TriState, Planet Asia, and Killer Ben are putting out another album soon. In the mean time, enjoy them shred on this Just Blaze beat that specifically called for no struggle bars. Success.

Hit-Boy is really good at working with talented people, like Los Angeles’ PJ. This is my favorite track off her latest effort, Walking Around Pools. Below that is a video which has a good story to it but is not as entertaining to watch as this. I suggest muting the latter and listening to the former. Or continue to live your life in fear of greatness.


Yelawolf quietly is doing some cool shit like rapping really well over Rock songs. The newest one happens to be a song by the greatest Rock band of all time, Led Zeppelin. Look out for his next album, Love Story, on April 21.