Guys, Snoop Dogg is still high. Just take a look at the cover of his upcoming 13th album, Bush. It will be executive produced by Pharrell and will probably get you contact high if you buy the physical version.


Finally, the next and last Wu-Tang Clan album has an update. It will be up for auction through Paddle8, an upper tier auction site. What you need to know is that on top of the extravagant designs and materials that went into the two disc album packaging, it comes with the stipulation that after it’s purchased, the music can’t be made public for 88 years. And even after 88 years, the owner have an option to keep it to him/herself. Method Man already said it was a stupid idea. What do you think? I think it’s a bold symbolic gesture that has gone too far.

Chicago’s Martin $ky made a lot of beats and rapped some words for his latest project. It’s like space age Trap. If you had to become a drug dealer in a galaxy far, far away, you might be blasting this as you get space dome… space dome. You can download it HERE. We also included a video from the project below it.


Two-9 affiliate Reese recently put out an EP and this song is just sinister. That beat is what I want to believe the Victorian Era sounded like 24/7.

Bodega Bamz isn’t the only one to rap for mi gente. Or at least Lucki Eck$ makes the best of this Latin inspired beat.

So Kid Cudi dropped a new song and the internet lost its shit. It samples another Ratatat song and gives us all hope that somewhere in the world, the spirit of Kid Cudi that we all loved is floating around, ready to come home.

Last but not least, Lil B gave another lecture. This time he blessed the students of Carnegie Mellon. It must be super encouraging because #ThankYouBasedGod. Forget that new episode of the podcast you pretend to like. Play this on the way to work and watch your life improve significantly. I’ve come to accept that Lil B is bigger than Hip-Hop. He was meant for bigger things like spreading positivity. He just used Hip-Hop as a vehicle to get him to where he is today. And that’s cool because there really aren’t enough people out there spreading irie trill vibes.