For the past week and some change, I have avoided a serious responsibility. I’m actually disgusted with myself; I’ve shattered all my mirrors (including the front facing camera on my phone) because I cannot, in good conscious, look at myself. Pretty Girls Like Trap has been out since June 16th, and I finally listened to the masterpiece this morning.

I’m so ashamed. I always seem to delay listening to 2 Chainz’ projects to an endless amount of tomorrows, like tomorrow is necessarily promised. I should know better, I have to consume the new Tity Boi (I still have no idea how no one has called him out for this ridiculous nickname, which might actually just prove the near deity levels of power and respect he wields) immediately.

Well this morning, I woke up and felt like I really wanted to listen to some good shit. It was a nondescript feeling that I’m sure we have all felt before our commutes. I was like, “if I’m going to slowly march my butt to work on Monday, I’m gonna make it as lit as possible.” Lit it was. It was also cooler so that was plus, but whatever.

So I grabbed my bag, put on my shoes, packed a water, and ran out the door because I was already playing it way too close to my start time. I pressed play. I somehow began to Spike Lee glide/levitate thanks to the 2 Chainz essence. I do not remember the first five minutes of the trip because of “Saturday Night.” Nothing mattered, not even the most inconvenient road block of all time or the strange trash smell that consumed the ironically named  Victory Boulevard.

Moral of the Story is: I made a bad mistake in procrastinating listening to Pretty Girls Like Trap, learn from my mistake. For penance, I put together a 2 Chainz playlist. It should get you way up, so if you were looking for some lighter smoothed out tracks…I apologize.

*Editor’s Note: I will be archiving each of these playlists (including past ones) and putting as much as I can on iTunes and Tidal. Thank you for your patience and even reading this rambly mess.