They say “death comes in threes,” but I think stress comes by the thousands, which is the real killer. Life seems to take every spare moment to make you a little bit more annoyed and occupied. One minute you are grooving to some Tity Boi, and the next you have like seven hundred things to do or remember that you are a Jets fan. It is not fair goddammit.

So, we should all obviously be taking care of ourselves and managing our stress levels, which is why it’s good to take a break sometimes. This weekend I got a chance to go away with a friend to the Twin Cities and it was just what I needed; I did not want to come back towards the end.

Minn-Saint Paul are oddly awesome in a number of ways, but the people are the most impressive. I know I only saw the touristy bits and that there is a real segregation issue in a style that only the Midwest can provide, but man everyone was so freaking nice. Either it was because they were so oddly satisfied and relaxed in life or the copious amounts of beer that everyone was drinking, but nobody refused a conversation.

There was little to no traffic in the Twins and everything was a twenty minute drive away. We had a blast and fell right in with the culture, as we traveled around drinking all day. I highly recommend going Minneapolis and Saint Paul when you have the chance. (Thanks Nolo for the tickets.)

If a trip is impossible for you right now, do not worry. I made this weeks playlist a nice, smooth instrumental excursion that will help you cool off and breath easy. Check it out.