Sometime on Sunday, my brain melted. Either while I was mindlessly staring out the Ferry window or fixated on my computer screen in my room, my noodle said toodles and dipped. At this moment, somewhere in the world my liquefied grey matter rests in a puddle, fighting to avoid its immanent evaporation.

I say all this as a desperate, last ditch effort to secure any form of help. I could tell you that New York is too hot right now, but that would be an understatement. It feels like the Serengeti and Death Valley had a child, who went on to have a polyamorous relationship with the Bayou swamp lands and the Sahara. Mother Nature is on some twisted shit right now.

I would not wish this weather on my worst enemy, which as you all know is the NYC Busing System (screw you S46). Thankfully, you will not have to think about looking for some good tunes to cool off with, as I have comprised one of my weekly playlists to help you out. Do not be like me, do not let you brain go away. Chill out fam.

Chill out.