As the Summer continues to heat up, I, like every other New Yorker, have begun to lose my mind. The City at this time is something special. It is a mix of humid wasteland and beautiful oasis. At one moment, you are cursing the gods and trying to figure out whether you are drenched in sweat or stagnant dew; then in the next second, you are in the middle of a great wave of people, just enjoying life, listening to music in a random park. It is a sight to behold.

However, my reality is favors the first damp example over the latter, but that has not stopped me from venturing out of my little Staten Island hamlet, into the city to enjoy some fun. Usually, I’m headed there with a purpose. I’ve walked all over the five boroughs so many times, meandering is no longer enjoyable.

During these missions, I typically find myself drinking and traveling great distances.  (F.Y.I Staten Island is pretty far from the rest of the city. The more you know.) I’m a big fan of podcasts; so when I’m headed to my destination it is a great opportunity to turn one on and listen. Although, when I’m coming back….I’m almost always turnt.

There is nothing like being turnt on a train, but having to hide it because it’s already three in the morning and you don’t want to be that crazy Subway guy.

When I wake up the following morning, I love to look through my recently played. My mind state is always so weird and jumbled, which makes my song selection so strange. I’ll go from classic r&b, to blues, to 90’s pop, and finally end on 2000’s snap rap. It is so strange. I have no idea how I remembered these songs, or why I felt the need to play them.

Rest assured, I do remember playing them, but I do not understand the logic in their order selection. It is always a puzzle that I cannot complete.

Moral of the story: Check out the Text Me When You Get Home playlist below. It is comprised of my most recent late night playlist, in the songs random as hell order. Enjoy.