There is something so specially lame about being caught in the rain. I’m not talking about a little drizzle or the “sun showers” that every kid loves to run through in the summer; I’m talking about that real shit—that moment when the Mother Earth is just tired of all her children’s bullshit, and just drops they asses off at the neighborhood pool. The only problem is, she straight up drops the pool on them like some twisted Mommy Dearest. Those storms that have you wondering if you live on Venus and happened to miss that one Summer day.

Getting stuck in a torrential downpour always starts the same way: your arrogance telling you, “it’s not going to rain while I’m out there. I’m good, trust.” Then, you get a quarter of the way to your destination…not close enough, but too far from where you started to turn back.

You feel it.

The largest droplet ever (like this dude graduated magna cum laude from the International Institute of Bad Day College, with a Ph.d in fucking yo shit up) lands right on the back of your neck. You play it off like, “was that rain? Naw son, I’m standing underneath a tree, I’m bugging.” But guess what, his best buds decide to come through and remind you whats really good (actually bad). You say, it’s just a light drizzle, nothing major.

Right on cue, you see lightening rip across the sky. And you know you totally messed up because you don’t even hear the thunder, the only thing that your ears can process is the sound of five inches of pure bullshit racing down all over you.

So there you are, in the middle of the storm, getting soaked. A torrential rain that you cannot escape. Life is meaningless and your draws are all wet. It freaking sucks.

Moral of the story is: Mother Nature ain’t a bitch, but she be treating you like a side chick and leaves you outside in the cold man. Peep the playlist.