Did the Yeezy's really jump over the jumpman?
An Hour: It's Been A Minute Tho

An Hour: It’s Been A Minute Tho

Ay yo, it’s been a solid minute. No excuses or anything, but I have been slacking. You know how life does: you think you have all the time in the world, then boom, two and a half years flies by and you have not posted once on your blog. Time is such a fickle mistress....
ISS Is Finally Here! Help Us Celebrate Its Release

ISS Is Finally Here! Help Us Celebrate Its Release

For the past six months, Bryan “Not Upstate” HAAAAHHN and I (James “Jimi” Elliott a.k.a. God’s Stepchild) have been tirelessly working on our followup to Back of the Bus. It has been a long arduous journey, filled with late nights, empty beer cans, one meal days, and bruising hangovers.  However, we are so proud to announce that ISS (‘In...
Till The Next Episode... Mix

Till The Next Episode… Mix

Shhh. You hear that? Sounds like we got a new flavor to kick into your ears… Before we close out the year teeming with all of the posts we didn’t write, we just wanted to let you know that we’ve been hard at work for a follow up to Back of the Bus. The playlist...
Spring Forward Into The New Season With 'Spring Fling' Beat-Tape

Spring Forward Into The New Season With ‘Spring Fling’ Beat-Tape

If you are reading this sentence, it means you have noticed that P.S. 4080 has had a nice face-lift. From the beginning, it has been Bryan and my mission to find a great web designer to bring our vision to you in the sleekest way possible; we have succeeded. Things are looking quite nice around...