Hey there world, this is just a test. Don’t lose your shit, we’re better than a two sentence post alright, calm it down. Or you can lose your shit, it’s unhealthy to hold on to stool for too long and we want you around for awhile; so you can witness P.S. 4080 in all of its glory. Why should you maintain your health and stay alive for the next couple of weeks? Because two slightly cooler, smarter, handsomer  more opinionated than the average writers are preparing to bring you your new favorite website.

Calling P.S. 4080 a “lifestyle” blog seems bland, but we are going to do more than music. James and Bryan are going to talk about everything under the sky happening in pop culture/society; from crying about our mutually unfortunate love of the New York Jets, to the election results in Montana’s second district, you can bet it will be covered here. P.S. 4080 is going to be your one stop shop for low key music suggestions and some crazy editorials.

So, if you could do one thing for me and Bryan, please forgive us for our appearance. We are still putting P.S. 4080 together, but the Back of the Bus Mixtape will still drop and be amazing. Favorite the site and come back often for some new ish and updates on the tape. It is an exciting time, don’t miss out.

Note from Bryan: And for those waiting for an update on the Weather Channel during this blizzard: the mid is selling at an alarming rate.