Bryan and I can not express our excitement about tomorrow in words, we have been giddy like school girls ever since Sunday. On Wednesday, February 19, we are hosting our first ever Release Party at the Leftfield in Manhattan for our compilation mixtape: Back of the Bus. If you follow either one of us on any social media platform, you may have noticed the events flier as our pictures or scoffed at on of our many obnoxious statuses/tweets reiterating our excitement.

This party will be legendary and the first of its kind, so you should get in on the ground floor. There is no cover and there will be live music. Luckily, some of the great artists that appear on the tape are set to perform for our audience. If these four emcees don’t ruffle you feathers enough, we have an incredible backing band tasked to keep your head bobbing all night long.

We are aware that some of these performers are rather new and your probably have never heard of them, so this weeks Hella Late To The Party is dedicated to getting you caught up. Bryan and I are fans of these musicians, we couldn’t give you a greater guarantee.

Let’s Begin:


YL is a young rapper from right here in New York. If you are looking for him online, you might see his name as Thee YL though. He is a part of a new breed of stoner emcees, but don’t sleep on his lyrical at all. If you are a fan of rappers painting vivid and detailed pictures of their surroundings, YL is definitely your dude. His bars are incorporate his hometowns traditional style, without them drowning in their own nostalgia. YL’s laid out production, but dense versus makes for an enjoyable and easy listening experience.


MadKem is coming straight out Queens and he has something to get off his chest. Every time I listen to his music, his passion is the first thing I notice. There is an eternal struggle inside of him that drives his music and forces his pen to action. MadKem might be the most underrated emcee performing, as he continues to grow at a rapid pace; he seemingly gets better with each track. While we aren’t going to be getting the fiery MadKem, his performance will still be a must see.


Lurkavelli is on some next shit, he doesn’t sound like anyone coming out of New York. His sound is minimal nightmare; his production usually lacks a lot melody and the percussion is hits only when needed. Lurk resides in the dark underworld of the City, and he has taken it upon himself to be one of its leaders. His songs deal with the streets seedier aspects and he has little remorse about the horrors he has witnessed or committed. If he was bigger about two years ago, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him link up with Raider Klan. Nonetheless, we are happy he is performing on Wednesday.

JohnNY U

JohnNY U wraps his earnestness in a high pitched flow and dense bars. He is one of those rappers that forces you smack the rewind button to fully understand the image he is painting in his lyrics. Once you catch what he is saying, you will have to give this young emcee his props. When JohnNY really gets into it, he sounds like he can just go on forever, until he raps his damn heart out.


ScienZe is a Brooklyn staple and a veteran in the game. He has been featured on every major hip hop site and for good reason: he is an incredible artist. If you haven’t peeped game yet, you are missing out on some great music. His rhyming and production choices just make it hard to not fall into, which keeps him on our radar all the time. Now his on Back of the Bus and he will be on the stage come Wednesday night.

All Natural

All Natural is a six piece band residing in Brooklyn, New York and they are probably our best kept secret. These Family Tree representatives are all incredible musicians and worth more than the price of admission. Bryan and I are were rendered speechless after a short dress rehearsal, All Nat were not afraid of anything and could not be stopped. While they might not have an extensive online library, All Nat are better to experience live…

…Combine All Natural with ScienZe, JohnNY U, Lurkavelli, and YL, you get the best type of party. We can’t wait to enjoy the show with all of our supporters, so please come through.