When I was in Middle School this was one of my favorite songs; I was an Suburban emo, rock fiend. For three years, unless the rapper’s name was Jay-Z or Nas, you could not convince me that he or she was worth my time. Blink-182 were gods,  Taking Back Sunday were dons, and Motion City Soundtrack were producing nothing but bangers man. While I’m not ashamed of my past musical follies, I’m extremely grateful that I had friends and siblings who knew more and better.

Around my sophomore year in High School, hip hop started to become a bigger part of my life; thus ushering in a audio awakening in my life. Obviously, my immaturity didn’t allow me to admit I had any positive feelings towards anything on the radio—cause, I was in high school now, had to be different and edgy. I would need roughly another three or four years to realize my ignorance, but by then I was already hella late to the party.  It has been an uphill battle ever since.

Thankfully, new music is always being created; so even though I find myself far behind in some regards, there is always something unique to offer. These Hella Late To The Party Volumes have become my stage to share some of the new music that has peeked my interest and keep everyone abreast on what is going down in music. We are already five volumes in and I have introduced you to close to twenty acts. I hope you have found some good artists to follow and you enjoyed our little discussions.

Without further ado:

Motel Eola

From what his collaborator and impressive rapper himself, Allen Poe, stated in his email, Motel Eola is a producer from the UK. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about the young beatsmith, except that he is a underrated beast. Motel’s beats do not fit comfortably into one category; he seems to play around with trap sensibilities, but is only one soft snare lick away from being a purely R&B producer.

You can attribute a number of styles to Motel, which should give you a small insight into why he is so special. He seems limitless and unafraid to push boundaries. His beats are refreshing. The only problem with Oasis Black is that he didn’t release it as a beat tape. There are a great verses to hear, don’t get me wrong, but I just wanted to hear him alone more. “Fast Lane” is amazing and Olivia Louise, Signif, and Allen Poe are now also on our radar.


I found out about Mélat in my early days of writing, when the young Austin songstress had only a few tracks on her Soundcloud. It’s been almost a year and half since that time, a relatively short time, yet Mélat has undergone a drastic transformation. Her first few public songs were filled with timid vocals and barely realized themes; now her page boasts thousands of plays and more courageous experimentation.

Mélat’s music has a smoothness to it that allows for a really easy listen. During the creation of this column, I messed up and listened to her entire page. Her voice isn’t the most powerful, but the way she uses it over the airy production is above and beyond. Mélat’s collaboration with Jansport J, Move Me, definitely deserves a listen.

Kap G

I had no clue who Kap G was until I went to brunch last week (which might be the lamest thing I have ever stated). My friends were going so hard for dude, I had to listen to what he giving out…apparently it was tacos. Like A Mexican has already been added to my usual rotation and Kap G is definitely an act that has me excited for the future.

Kap G has one of the most monotone flows in the game, he never asserts too much energy in the entire rapping process. However, what his delivery lacks in impact, his bars make up for in force. The College Park emcee spits about being the plug with no hesitation or remorse, shit just happens. Kap G is still discovering his style and working his way out of his early collaborators’, especially Chief Keef, shadows.

Nonetheless, Kap is someone to keep an eye out for in the near future. He has a new project in the works and it is sure to be something special. You should do the same for Melat and Motel Eola, all three artists are worth your time and have music that you will enjoy for some time. Don’t be late to the party, start listening now.