sad-birthday_edit2Its been a minute fam. The last post we wrote was over two months ago, shame, shame, shame. That’s not how things are supposed to go, we have to do better in the future. However, we’re here now and we are excited to share some new music and thoughts with you on our beautifully redesigned site. Stay tuned, we have a lot in store for sure.

While we didn’t have enough time to really create many traditions, I decided to reinstate one of our many early attempts at creating a series: Hella Late To The Party. In this column, I (Jimi) give you three or four young or relatively unknown artists that should be on your radar. Do I think that all of the musicians featured will blow up and dethrone Drake, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Kendrick? No, but I do think they have created quality tunes that you will enjoy and are talented enough that with the proper guidance, who knows what could happen.

Sometimes I include strictly rappers, other times I am really feeling singers, while majority will be a random hodgepodge; it depends on what I have been listening too during the course of the week. Thanks to the slight backlog that developed during our little sabbatical, this weeks is truly an odd mixture of talent; nevertheless, I hope you will find someone and something to enjoy in our little group.

Here we are:

Roy Wood$

I would like to tell you that I am immune to the hype train, especially the one that leaves from Toronto, heading to Memphis at 6. Alas, I am not. Whenever Drake consigns an artist, it is prudent to at least give them a shot. I didn’t know much about Mr. Wood$, but after hearing him sing alongside Canada’s most important ambassador, I was immediately smitten.

While Roy’s discography may not currently be as tremendous as other Soundcloud hopefuls, the quality of his music is in a totally different league. You know you are doing something right when a number of commentators are asking themselves if you are actually the reincarnation of the late great Michael Jackson. On “All of You,” you can definitely hear the similarities, but thankfully he moves away from that sound in his other work.

Roy Wood$ sound is similar to many of his North of the Border brethren: moody, dark, brooding, and bass heavy to the extreme. Instead of just sticking to the formula and reaping the benefits from his cosigns or basking in the light of his more famous friends, he decided to experiment. He stretches his vocals all over the place and then lathers it in distortion. Reverb flies at you from every direction, creating audio comets out of his oft-graphic, but true to life lyrics.

If you he isn’t on watchlist, I think you are doing yourself a disservice. Roy Wood$’ vocals are pretty special and he is in the right clique to properly foster his unique sound.


This entry is hella late. Novelist has been making moves for years, but that little pond that separates our countries have made his crossover a little difficult. However, with the massive outpouring of support for fellow grime MC, Skepta, it appears that his time might be nigh.

Novelist is a young rapper from the UK, who can also produce a pretty hard banger. He has already released two high profile EPs, but they haven’t had as much traction over here in the States (which is a shame). Like many other grime artists, his flow is unrelenting and seemingly never ending; he pushes the sixteen verse form to its absolute limit. When combined with the incredibly hard hitting production booming underneath, it creates a euphoric dizzying effect that only gets better with age.

As I mentioned in passing, Novelist is an impressive producer as well. His beats range from the usual grime/dub bass pounding affair, to the more subdued heavy synth/rhythmic repeating soirees. He can take on both styles well, but I personally prefer his more wild and crazy party production.

Novelist claims to be the King of the Radio, which may is a distinction that I cannot deny. He is still young, but he has a lot of potential and backing already. Keep him on your radar for sure.

DJ Burn One 

If you know me, you know I am a big fan of instrumental music. I slightly prefer my music to have no lead vocals, especially since I’m usually forced to listen to the most struggle rapping the internet has to offer. So, I appreciate a solid producer who can hold his own alone, and DJ Burn One is one such beatmaker.

Compared to the previous members of this edition, DJ Burn One has the smallest following; although, he has yet to have a major cosign. It takes producers some time to collect steam, but once they their stature can change overnight.

Burn One makes spacey/chillwave style beats that can sometimes be morphed into louder bangers. He is comfortable making the soundtrack to your next smoke session, rather than creating the next anthem. His Canape project is understated, yet it contains a number of great tracks.

DJ Burn One has a number of solid looks coming his way, if he continues to churn out the unique beats that has been doing recently. Check him out for sure, who knows you may one day see him in the credit lining for one of your favorite artists; perhaps Roy Wood$ and Novelist as well.