Hellooo Everybody, we’re back here again. It doesn’t even feel like its been a week, but calenders never lie and my computer’s is telling me that seven days has indeed passed. While this fact does mean we are seven days closer to our inevitable doom, we can rejoice in the fact that Hella Late To The Party is back—bringing musical joy to the masses.

If you don’t know how this goes, you should check out the first volume of Hella Late To The Party to get the full picture. In the simplest terms, HLTTP is where I showcase some of the best buzzing talent that you are probably not privy to. Some of the artists you might find here are more popular than others, but the talent, no matter what, is always top notch. Each HLTTP volume will feature three artists that you should get to know, before it’s too late. Too late for what? The last great party in the sky, after your inevitable doom comes to fruition.

Now, if you’re not too depressed about the frailty of your own mortality, let us begin:

Kari Faux

Ms. Faux is the only person that I will allow to act like a Bud Light with A Lime is a solid preferred drink. Before I was put onto game, all I knew about Kari Faux was that she was the girl on the Childish Gambino song; now I know it’s actually the totally opposite situation. She is the hardest shit to come out of Little Rock or the State of Arkansas, since Walmart (those deals are too crazy, but those business practices are a little gully bruh).

Not only is Faux an insane emcee, but she does a lion share of her production, which is flat out incredible. If you aren’t singing along to “No Small Talk” after one listen, you weren’t listening. Kari Faux can craft catchy hooks, but she supplements them with tough verses that force you to keep coming back. When you combine these talents with a deep knowledge of Hip Hop and cultural references galore, you are left with an irresistible body of work.

Kari Faux’s hook on “Gahdamn” rings true in terms of her musical talent: she really is the shit. When you get the chance, go to her Soundcloud page and listen to all of her cuts. Laugh Now, Die Later was a great release and one you should already have.

The O’My’s

I don’t understand how this band isn’t on everyone’s radar already, but they better be soon. The O’My’s are a band out of Chicago, who are pioneering their own style: the members refer to it as psychedelic soul. Once you watch the “Pieces” video, you will see that it is quite the apt description for their music and whole art direction.

The O’My’s are comprised of a group of talented, young musicians. Maceo Haymes’ voice is otherworldly and his control is unparalleled. At times, Maceo will sound shrill and then quickly morph into an old bluesman in a matter of seconds. Nick Hennessey, Boyang Matsapola, Barron Golden, Erick Mateo, and Will Miller all contribute and collaborate to create some dynamic backing. When you press play you might not believe they aren’t in from the 60’s (in a good way).

The O’My’s have so many great projects that you need to listen to before their next EP, Keep The Faith, drops later this year.

Little Simz

Little Simz is just ridiculous. She dropped one of my favorite projects last year, with her E.D.G.E. EP, only to follow it with three more free releases, the Age 101 Series. What makes Simz worth your time? As cliche as it is to say, it has to be her bars.

The young Brit can spit with the best of them and she is one of the only international emcees that I would bet on in a battle. Simz’ rhymes seem to want to escape her brain more than she wants to say them; every song features her spastic energetic flow that could probably fuel a rocketship. Thankfully, she actually knows how to rap about a variety of topics and doesn’t just rappity rap because she can.

You need to pick up everything Little Simz has released, she definitely one to keep an eye on. Her production is always some of the best and her lyrical ability can’t be denied. Check her, The O’My’s, and Kari Faux all out; you will not be disappointed.