We only took a week off, but it feels like we haven’t seen each other a month. It’s your favorite day of the week, you know which one, stop trying to be bashful: Hella Late To The Party day. Young Hahn and myself love sharing new music with all of you, we hope you love experimenting and dabbling in some uncharted territory.

Once again, I’m bringing three artists to your attention who should be doing some big things in the future. We want to present you these musicians before they blow or get internet popular, so you don’t feel like a lame when it happens. Showing up to a party late can be fun, but most of the time you know the best moments have already taken place.

Let’s jump right in:


Besides for Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, Cleveland doesn’t seem to have much to offer outsiders. However, you definitely should not right the Midwest city off that fast. Billard is a twenty year old rapper and producer hailing from Sixth City (full disclosure: I have no idea what the other five cities are or which is the poor seventh), who is determined to change your mind about his hometown.

Billard’s soundcloud has two full projects on it, one he produced and one the phenomenal K.E. On The Track produced. Even though the latter has the blessing of one of the most promising up-and-comer beat making talents in the game all over it, I’m still not sure which I prefer. Billard is superb when he gets behind the boards.

Of course, the mark of a rapper is in their delivery, flow, and lyrics, which are all things Billard has continued to mature and develop. His pen game is getting stronger and he can finesse his way through beats with ease. While I like “Can’t Get Enough”, it is a great representation of his potential. You should definitely head to his Soundcloud page and listen to some of the deep album cuts; Billard is really able to showcase his unique style on these projects.

 Asia Monique 

Asia Monique is a young songstress from Chicago, so our tour of the Midwest stops in one more town. Please be advised that her EP, entitled Looking Glass, will be her debut and she is still developing her own sound; however, her voice is out of this world. She posses a subtle, yet powerful set of pipes that are ready to blow at any second.

Granted, she has only shared three tracks with the world, but I’m already a fan. “Heroin” is as addictive of the drug that shares its name: the booming production coupled with her voice is irresistible. “Looking Glass” contains some airy melodies that show her deceptive strength of her vocals.

I would be remiss not to mention IProduceWNDRS, who handled the production on these tracks. He crafted an interesting sound for Asia, equal parts Doom R&B and ethereal wonderland.

You can find more information on Asia Monique on her website.

Cousin Stizz

Cousin Stizz is a Bostonian and he has been buzzing all over the internet, since he premiered “Shout Out” last year. Even though he is rapping and bragging about selling drugs, the track is as smooth as a Sunday afternoon. His flow literally just slips all over what ever production you offer him.

“A World” shows that “Shout Out” was not a fluke, Cousin Stizz’ flow is really that fluid. His ear for beats is top notch, he always seems to pick a track that he can slide right into and covertly demolish. The way he raps almost forces his vocals to become part of the production itself, disappearing and reappearing at times. When you focus in on what Cousin Stizz is saying, you realize that dude is actually spitting his ass off.

Stizz has a project coming out this year sometime, Suffolk County, which will hopefully be worth the wait. Check out his soundcloud for more intoxicating tracks to vibe with before he unleashes the full mixtape. Afterwards, go and check out Asia Monique and Billards. All three offer something unique and will have you preoccupied for quite some time.