late elderly party

Sometimes, I sit here and just think to myself, “how the hell is Big Sean still a thing?” I know, I have spoken out against the Sean “Don” previously, along with the fact that he probably doesn’t give a fuck about me or anything I do, but hear me out. This is not a diss to him per se, rather an indictment on all of us. We let this happen, we continue to let Kanye’s biggest mistake live and have a career. How dare we. Have we no shame. Clearly, we have no regard for human life…disgusting.

However, we can fix this situation. All of us collectively can change the world. It starts by turning off the leaky faucet of an album that is Dark Sky Paradise—a record title that his overly angsty teenager niece provided him, after that one weekend she spent experimenting with weedand testing the waters for some fresh fish. I understand this is a massive undertaking and may seem overwhelming at times. Calm down, do not fret. I am here to assist your journey, with some artist that can be a great launching off point.

This right here is the seventh volume of Hella Late To The Party (quite like ranting about a Big Sean album that dropped five months ago). Each week, I (Jimi, your mom’s favorite nice guy) provide you with a three artists that I believe you should check out. In all honesty, many times these are just artists I have been bumping the said week; oftentimes, I break open the vault and I reveal musicians that I have been attached to for awhile, yet rarely disclosed to anyone. It was originally intended to make sure P.S.4080 readers stayed on top of the underground and emerging scenes all around music, but recently I found it more fun to just write about people  you should be listening to regardless of status and age.

Without further ado, I’m going to end this rant and get into this week’s artists:

Mother Mary Gold

Some people will not be able to fully embrace the darker, nihilistic style of Mother Mary Gold and we call those people fuckbois. In my humble opinion, she is the most interesting of all of the new doom r&b/rap artists that have appeared in the last few years. There is a certain style to her visuals and music that are more mature. She isn’t innocent, she won’t running after unrequited love, she refuses to be one of the boys that just happens to have a singing voice. Instead, Mother Mary Gold is perfectly comfortable fully embracing the fucked up world of today, while joining in the debauchery.

The Holy Mother of Jet Life is from New Orleans, which could possibly clue you in to her aesthetic. As the ‘Prayer” video demonstrates above, she can and will get naked, when she wants. Her art can be seen as graphic, but it all serves a purpose, like the slow downed tempo of her music. Everything about her slightly shifts you from a comfortable position and forces you to understand a new experience.

Mary Gold’s Sex Hormone’d Druggie is a dark twisting ride through her current life and the situations that brought her here. It is close to two years old, but has not aged a bit. The slow cadences keep you on edge, ready for her to finally break out into song. Mary Gold’s rapping will not make you change the way you think of hip hop, but when coupled with her singing, the production, and the overall vibe, it will hold you captivated and won’t let you go for a long time.

Check out Mother Mary Gold’s Soundcloud, you owe it to yourself. It is some great music and interesting atmosphere to get lost in.

Michael Christmas

There are a lot of funny rappers out there and then there is Michael Christmas. Where other rappers fall short, due to forced jokes or cringe-worthy punchlines, most of Christmas’ best lines go almost unnoticed. You have to press repeat again and again, to fully let the hilarity find it’s way into your brain; which isn’t to say that he lacks hard hitting bars, quite the opposite. He has enough bars to properly furnish the windows of Detroit street, but there are crazy layers to his style.

The Bostonian has a knack of rapidly spitting out his rhymes, almost as if he is racing the track to see who will finish first. This means that majority of the songs on Is This Art? pack a wallop and are seriously dense. Although, Christmas is in such a light mood for majority of it that it is hard to ever feel bored or overly burden. He makes sure to put enough of his charisma into each track, to ensure that even casual fans will find a reason to continue playing through.

Michael Christmas does posses the ability to get real and talk about some heavier topics, which sounds incredible with his lyrical talent. However, he is my favorite when he is being pure sarcastic and just having a good time, like in “Yall Trippin.” There are not many young rappers out in the game that I would give an upper hand to if it game to a battle of the pen against Christmas. Smooth flow, clever lines, and a talented host of producers equals some success equals what Michael Christmas offers.

Definitely check out his Soundcloud for some more great tunes.

Atlantic Connection

Atlantic Connection is on some next chill wave fam, and I love it. The producer has titled his sound “Future Soul,” which is an apt title for his music. It fuses pretty much everything that I love downtempo beats: distorted vocal samples, flying high hats, and smooth percussion. However, he adds a certain groove to his tracks that elevate them from your ordinary instrumental; each element of a song actively interact with one another almost like an old school quintet. It is so unique to hear.

While I haven’t heard about Atlantic Connection, also known as Nathan Hayes, he has been in the industry for over a decade. During that time, he experimented with many different genres and sounds that populated Los Angeles. His depth and music knowledge is easily noticeable in his instrumentals. AC throws in so many different samples and sounds throughout his projects, it keeps you excited to hear what comes next.

Humans, his latest project, is an incredible display of Atlantic Connection’s skill; I have been stuck on “Shatter” all week. If you want to hear even more, head to Atlantic Connection’s Soundcloud, filled with more great tunes.

Thanks to Mother Mary Gold, Michael Christmas, and Atlantic Connection for the great music; thanks to you for reading. Check out all of the great tunes and look out for next week’s edition. If you  have any suggestions or would like to see your music on here, hit us up in the submission link above or email us