ISSFor the past six months, Bryan “Not Upstate” HAAAAHHN and I (James “Jimi” Elliott a.k.a. God’s Stepchild) have been tirelessly working on our followup to Back of the Bus. It has been a long arduous journey, filled with late nights, empty beer cans, one meal days, and bruising hangovers.  However, we are so proud to announce that ISS (‘In School Suspension’) is here and it is the best shit you have never heard (no hyperbole, I literally do not understand exaggeration), but will on April 8.

If there were 16 tracks and 5 skits that you needed to hear before you died, ISS is your one stop shop. We brought together producers and MCs from around the country—nay the world—to bring you a project that not only tops the its predecessor, but also brings a new sound palate to the P.S. 4080 family. We have tracks from Canadian producers, with Chicago rappers; Trinidadian producers and rappers; up-and-coming and established English MCs and grime artists. Yeah, I know. It sounds way too good to be true, but calm your skeptical ass down; this tape is the truth.

You want proof. No problem.

On April 9th, Bryan and I will be hosting an ISS release party at Art Cafe + Bar from 3-7 pm. Come listen to the tape in its entirety, in the presence of other dope people that we also call friends. There will be a DJs spinning, a projector showing accompanying videos, alcohol, and both Bryan and I. There is no valid reason for you to miss this lit shindig; Grams Grams should have picked a better day to fall and/or had life alert.

So, come through and enjoy. We hope to  see you there and we are even more excited to have you hear the tape. It feels so good to have it out there. To get your in the mood, check out our first project, Back of the Bus, below.