Seeing how this is the first of many posts to come on P.S. 4080, I figured we’d do a lot of things differently. Instead of putting individual posts up for every damn story that bloggers decide to be newsworthy, I’ve compiled some things into one post. Now you don’t have to open up mad tabs and crowd the space up there for all your Pornhub tabs (don’t close them now on account that you’ve been busted already). It might mess up our SEO but who really understands SEO anyway? Maybe it’ll boost our stats higher than the streams of Missy Elliott’s discography after last night’s Super Bowl halftime show that also featured Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz.

Jay Z bought a music streaming service based in Sweden and plans on homeschooling Blue Ivy in Europe. It’s called Aspiro and he dropped $56 mill. I’m not quite sure how to comprehend a man paying with that many zeroes to control digital stream, which are non tangible. But I guess his return checks are gonna be mad tangible.

The Social Experiment (Chance The Rapper’s band) is featured on the cover of The Fader. So Chance’s debut album, Surf, with be more of a band debut and will feature a lot of big name artists.

Ted 2 is a real thing now and I can’t wait to lose more self worth and brain cells laughing my ass off while watching it.

Suge Knight was arrested for running a dude over with his Ford F-150 Raptor (no one was surprised).

In case you missed our tweet, Gorillaz are making a come back. Follow us on Twitter, if you know what’s good for you.

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Cannibal Ox is releasing a sophomore album and they just released the first single with DOOM on it. I actually don’t hate Vast Aire on a sick beat for once.

I’m a big fan of James Fauntleroy and he is releasing an EP with India Shawn next month. Below is the first release from that.

The Almighty Shing Shing Regime has released another slap to the uneducated. The Toronto group is composed of Cee Self 7 (MC/Producer), Salute Truth (MC), Symmetry (MC), and “The Future Buddha” DJ Akiin (DJ/Producer) [pronounced “Ah-Keen”]. This one is produced by Supa83. Recognize.

Producer Tone P, who often collaborates with Wale, released a beat tape of a lot of his popular beats. Producers, study them. Rappers, study them. DJs, practice scratching and mixing more.

Last, but not least, we finally have the front cover artwork for our upcoming compilation tape. It was drawn by none other than Gangster Doodles. Applaud that man.

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