Remember when stoners were thought as the unmotivated, the burnouts, and the couch lurkers. Pot smokers and laziness were synonyms at one point. I want to go back to that reality, where one marijuana cigarette turns your friend into a gross deflated blob on a love seat.

Instead, now…now we have fucking Curren$y.

On a day where the rest of the cannabis-enjoying world was celebrating their favorite plant and overindulging in their favorite pastime, I was in a constant state of dread. Why? Because last Friday, the 20th day of April or 4/20 if you will, Curren$y decided to do what he does best. He released a new mixtape…bringing his grand total to 55 mixtapes.

I know we should just let “creatives” create. I mean their title tells the full story. However, I am begging Spitta: stop, you can take a break. Please, I think someone brought some Now & Laters, take a pack – it should last you, conservatively speaking, at least another half year to get through all twelve candies.

I just want to finish this series. Somehow, as I look at this ever-growing discography, I feel like I’m the one with frying eggs for brains. I’m not even on drugs. I’m not sure how I am going to organize this playlist, how I’m going to keep you guys updated, or where the hell I should start. This Currren$y shit is kicking my ass.

Luckily, I did start. Unfortunately, listening to five albums is just a drop in the bucket floating in the ocean that is the Discography. I put together a small playlist of a few tracks from what I already heard. It’s small, but do not fret, we will one day conquer this giant. Or we will die trying.

Keep praying for me.