I’m on my David shit right now.

In front of me stands a colossal undertaking that no sane man, woman, king, or child would ever attempt. A giant mocking the rational—laughing at the ant-like humans it towers over. A 17 foot tall Deebo ready to snatch my chain, my dignity, and any semblance of an fair or just world.

I am going to face Curren$y‘s entire discography in the hopes of putting together the quintessential Spitta Playlist. You read that right. I will be listening to all 12 studio albums and 54 mixtapes. FIFTY-FUCKING-FOUR MIXTAPES.

Apparently, Mr. Shante Scott Franklin a.k.a. Curren$y, who has been active since 2002, does three things: smoke weed, buy classic cars and release mixtapes. In 2016 alone, he released 13 tapes…he dropped more tapes than there are months in a year, my g. He put out Weed & Instrumentals, Revolver, and Bourbon Street Secrets within 30 days. He put in serious work.

Spitta’s output is both legendary and insane. I know fans, dedicated Stans that refuse to keep up. Some listen to every other album/mixtape, while others catch a few here or there—nobody, at least in my life, keeps up with every release. With 66 projects, staying up-to-date with Curren$y would be a full time job. Ain’t nobody have time for that.

Well, I guess I am going make time. This is called a journey for a reason. To listen to all 66 projects in a week is impossible. Two weeks is a pipe-dream, three is me working harder than I’ve ever worked. So, give me about a month, maybe even two. Don’t fret. I will update you weekly, as I face this daunting task.

Pray for me and pray that Curren$y does not drop another album before this series is done.