All of our “listening session focus groups,” pleas with managers, back and forth with producers, and hours of not working our day jobs to reply to emails have paid off. Our first compilation tape of the finest exclusive music from around the country is here. We don’t claim that these artists are the best. The music speaks for itself. But enough with all that. We’ve reached out to producers and emcees, who we thought deserved more love than they get, in order to make exploring the internet for good music that much easier.

The inspiration for this tape came from mixtapes hosted by DJ Drama, Don Cannon, and Ill Will. They always managed to put some of the dopest tracks with the hottest artists at the time in one spot. It also came from making and trading mix CD’s with friends at the back of the bus. Before Spotify and iPods were a thing, that was the best way to school your friends on new Hip-Hop. So pretend for an hour that we’re best friends and we just made this special mix just for you. You’re welcome.

We divided the tape into two halves: an A.M. ride and a P.M. ride. The morning ride to school is usually a bit more laid back and we wanted to ease you into the project and the ride home called for more rowdy behavior. There are a few skits throughout that may remind you of a particular podcast, so if you don’t get it, just go along for the ride.

The artwork was provided by Gangster Doodles. And be sure to look out for a limited edition 45 RPM single record that we’ll be releasing with Coalmine Records sooner than later. That will feature “Broadway” and Oh No’s remix of that same track. You won’t be able to get that remix anywhere else.

We only have one rule if you’re gonna download this compilation tape. If you love it, tell someone about it. More importantly, tell someone about your favorite artist(s) on here. Support them. Buy something of theirs.

You can download the whole thing HERE.

And for anyone in NYC tonight, come through to Leftfield in the lower east side. We’ll be hosting a free release show from 7-10pm. All Nat will be performing with Scienze, JohnNY U, Lurkavelli, MadKem, and YL. They’ll be doing their songs from the tape live. Then All Nat will do their own set, followed by a group cypher. And we’ll even have the producer of two of our songs, Deep of 2 Hungry Bros., DJing. You can read up on the live acts HERE.