If you are reading this sentence, it means you have noticed that P.S. 4080 has had a nice face-lift. From the beginning, it has been Bryan and my mission to find a great web designer to bring our vision to you in the sleekest way possible; we have succeeded. Things are looking quite nice around here, but they will continue to improve in the upcoming weeks. We are still hashing things out and figuring out what exactly it is that we do and how to make it presentable. So, please forgive us for any inconvenience or for anything looking odd. Honestly, this new site is an improvement, it should make your browsing experience better. So, if you don’t like it…keep it to yourself…or send a constructive email to psfortyeighty@gmail.com, better yet leave a comment.

Anyway, now that the introduction is complete, we can get to the fun part. As most of you could probably guess, I listen to and go through a lot of music. Majority of the time I will involuntarily browse Soundcloud (go to listen to one song, then the recommended tracks start playing and you don’t even notice before your fifteenth like) or go through a ton of random Spotify/Pandora stations, only to come out a fan of like twenty new artists and damn near downloaded Scrooge McDuck safe worth of tracks. It is insanity, but at least this habit allows me to have music to show friends often.

So, I decided to use my addiction to my benefit, more than the usual editorial write-up post. I have collected sixteen tracks that I stumbled upon on Soundcloud or elsewhere for your listening pleasure. These songs are all instrumentals, which happen to be my favorite (something I plan to write about on a later date).

Entitled Spring Fling, this playlist/mixtape is influenced by the glorious season, which brings forth the warm weather and beautiful rebirth of nature that we see around us. After an especially brutal winter, this 70-80 degree days are a godsend, even if we have to run in the rain. These beats will help to keep that smile on your face, as you appreciate the beauty surrounding you; will help cool you off when the heat begins to bombard you.

Spring Fling has work from Tay Lewis, Swimful Butterfly, Tall Black Guy, Fifty Grand, Milky Wav, and sly5thave. It covers trip-hop, hip-hop, electronic, and jazz, meaning it has something for nearly everyone. Check it out below and let me know what you think. If you like it, Bryan and I will try to bring you more soon.