Did the Yeezy's really jump over the jumpman?
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Spring Forward Into The New Season With 'Spring Fling' Beat-Tape

Spring Forward Into The New Season With ‘Spring Fling’ Beat-Tape

If you are reading this sentence, it means you have noticed that P.S. 4080 has had a nice face-lift. From the beginning, it has been Bryan and my mission to find a great web designer to bring our vision to you in the sleekest way possible; we have succeeded. Things are looking quite nice around...
2/11 In So Many Words

2/11 In So Many Words

The only real news that you need to know is that Missy Elliott and Timbaland are working in the studio again. That just means parties are gonna get way more live this year. Oh, and 50 said what we were all thinking about the Grammys: Why should you care about Snoh Aalegra? Besides the fact...