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An Hour: Back 2 Back

An Hour: Back 2 Back

So, some people like to ring in their birthdays with a nice home cooked breakfast, surrounded by the people they love. Others head straight to work, anxious for the raucous good times promised after they clock out. Even saner people still, wait to until the weekend to unleash all the primal debauchery that one needs...
An Hour: It's Been A Minute Tho

An Hour: It’s Been A Minute Tho

Ay yo, it’s been a solid minute. No excuses or anything, but I have been slacking. You know how life does: you think you have all the time in the world, then boom, two and a half years flies by and you have not posted once on your blog. Time is such a fickle mistress....
Hella Late To The Party Vol. VII: Day  Late

Hella Late To The Party Vol. VII: Day Late

Sometimes, I sit here and just think to myself, “how the hell is Big Sean still a thing?” I know, I have spoken out against the Sean “Don” previously, along with the fact that he probably doesn’t give a fuck about me or anything I do, but hear me out. This is not a diss...
Hella Late To The Party Vol. 5: The Hella Late Edition

Hella Late To The Party Vol. 5: The Hella Late Edition

Its been a minute fam. The last post we wrote was over two months ago, shame, shame, shame. That’s not how things are supposed to go, we have to do better in the future. However, we’re here now and we are excited to share some new music and thoughts with you on our beautifully redesigned...
Spring Forward Into The New Season With 'Spring Fling' Beat-Tape

Spring Forward Into The New Season With ‘Spring Fling’ Beat-Tape

If you are reading this sentence, it means you have noticed that P.S. 4080 has had a nice face-lift. From the beginning, it has been Bryan and my mission to find a great web designer to bring our vision to you in the sleekest way possible; we have succeeded. Things are looking quite nice around...
Curren$y and I

Curren$y and I

I have a penchant for describing things in extreme terms. “This Midnight Berry Skittle doesn’t just taste pretty good, it is in fact the best variety of Skittles on the market.” Or, “No, no, no, Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but I promise you, he is totally Hitler and possibly sent from the future...