Did the Yeezy's really jump over the jumpman?
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An Hour: It's Been A Minute Tho

An Hour: It’s Been A Minute Tho

Ay yo, it’s been a solid minute. No excuses or anything, but I have been slacking. You know how life does: you think you have all the time in the world, then boom, two and a half years flies by and you have not posted once on your blog. Time is such a fickle mistress....
Great Expectations: Kendrick Just Dropped Sum Sh*t

Great Expectations: Kendrick Just Dropped Sum Sh*t

This is not a review. Please remember to keep this one fact present in the front of your mind, as you continue to read what will surely be a pretty substantial diatribe. I repeat, this is not a review. I’ve never been one to connect all the (K) dots in music quickly, which makes me...
"The Blacker The Berry" Conundrum

“The Blacker The Berry” Conundrum

I just finished my tenth listen of Kendrick Lamar’s latest single, “The Blacker The Berry,” at a volume that just blew out my left headphone (no lie). As I write these words, I press play, for the eleventh time, on the Youtube video. I have never listened to a song this much in such a short...