There’s a lot of shit out there. Some of that shit is good and most of that shit is shit. Unfortunately the latter shit is plastered all over social media, which leads a lot of people to believe that the good shit doesn’t exist. We’re going to try and help reverse that unfortunate trend by wrapping up the week on Fridays (when new albums are typically released to maximize streams for charts) with some of our favorite songs, videos, albums, and other news. We’ll rarely point out the average stuff that’s happening out there—only to tell you how mediocre it is. Basically, we spent the time to see what it’s about and we wanted to save you the time and effort to arrive at the same conclusion. But mostly we’ll just link you to the good ish.

Phonte No News Is Good News

Something to breeze through on your Sunday afternoon. But if you’re a middle-aged adult with kids, this might be how you start and end your day, everyday.

Larry June You’re Doing Good

We don’t always have to listen to the most lyrical miracle backpack raps. This is something to jam when you come to that realization. Let go of that Blackalicious album for a second, man. It’ll still be there when you get back from the trap.

Chief Keef The Leek 4

Here’s an example of an artist who can retire and not worry, but we’re kinda glad he didn’t. Chief Keef went into vaults from his studio sessions from 2013 and 2014 to compile this little gift with a bowtie on it. And that bowtie is made of pistols, by the way. BANG BANG.

Atlanta Season 2, Episode 1

It’s robbin’ season so don’t fall behind. Watch the first episode here.

Valee GOOD Job, You Found Me

The newest GOOD Music signee releases his new EP with a verse from El Presidente—Pusha. The Chicago rapper is unique in a good way that will most likely outlast Desiigner. But what do we know?

Azealia Banks “Movin On Up”

One of the most annoying artists outside the booth is prepping her new album. Let’s pray we don’t hear from her unless it’s about a new song or video.

Tech N9ne Planet

If you like hearing a lot of words in small increments of time, hit play on this. Otherwise, skip-worthy. I mean, this guy has 20 albums. Maybe I’ll check out his next album if it’s an instrumental baile funk compilation that doesn’t include him.

Lil Aaron Aaron Judge: Rookie of the Year

Lil Aaron and producer Judge made the project in a day. It’s like sneaking in junk food into a movie theatre. It ain’t good for you but it’s fun as hell.

Ness Nite Dream Girl

Got put onto her through Passion of the Weiss, which released this project. She’s more of a rapper than a singer but doesn’t fully stand on either side.

808INK When I’m About, You’ll Know

The British duo stays fresh every time they deliver new music and that’s exciting around these parts.

Bipolar Sunshine “Easy To Do”

The English transplant who now lives in Los Angeles is making the type of jazzy music cafes should be playing.

Gucci Mane ft. Migos, Lil Yachty “Solitaire”

Yes, I’d rather listen to this than the new Khaled joint with Bey Z and Future.

Kyle Kimpel King Drive

A good friend of ours, Kyle, delivers a new instrumental project that was inspired by The Black Panther. The film should’ve used this album more. A lot more.