So it happened. I’m late with this post. But let’s not lie to ourselves and say this wasn’t coming.

A ton of new music dropped and when I say that I mean that a bunch of albums with way too many songs dropped. Like who really wants to listen to 34 tracks of new Iamsu!? On the other hand, some great music worth listening to came out. Be sure to subscribe to our Spotify playlist to stay up to date on that. While you listen to that, read up on some happenings about town below.

Slodown Nomance

The homie dropped a new project filled with smooth R&B joints you wish you wrote for your girl. Slo is able to sing some pretty explicit lines a lot of guys think to themselves but don’t have the wits or balls to say out loud in a clever way.

Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown “Freaky Friday”

Everything about this video is great to me. Chris Brown and Lil Dicky basically switch bodies and it’s well done. Hit play if you need a break from any Trump-related news or Tech N9ne.

MTV’s TRL is Expanding
While everyone thought TRL was struggling, MTV goes and does the unexpected: adds a morning, afternoon, and evening edition of the show. Expect to not watch all the new versions by summer.

Snoop Dogg Bible of Love

Yes, it’s a gospel album from everyone’s hip-hop uncle. From going 187 on an undercover cop to Snoop Lion to Reverend Snoop, who knows which direction Calvin will go in next?

The Jersey Show Reunites

4/5. Mark your calendars before The Situation goes to jail.

House of Pain ft. Damian Marley, Meyhem Lauren “Jump Around (25 Year Remix)”

DJ Muggs remixed the classic song while Damian and Meyhem contribute their own verses. This one is conflicting because it’s such a great song and I feel like adding anything more to the original takes away from it. What are your thoughts?

H&M Continues to Suck
So H&M used some images of a mural by the graffiti artist Revok without his permission in ads for their New Routine line. Revok rightfully issued a cease and desist to the company but then H&M countersued saying that illegally created art has no rights. From there a large part of the artist community started to take aim at H&M on social media for their dick move. The company has claimed that they rescinded their suit but other sources say otherwise.

Snapchat Has Lost Almost $800 Million
After Rihanna told her fans to throw Snapchat away via her IG stories, the company has reported $800 million in losses. That’s some wild shit. It’s also wild to consider how powerful these artists’ voices are and how they could be used for other important issues.