The weather is finally warming up in NYC and that means blogs will soon be arguing over what the new summer anthem is going to be. You can miss us with all that. We’ll be over here, waving. Laughing at n*ggas.

Maestro Wave God

Maestro has been on TV (The Wire), movies, signed to Def Jam at 15, and apparently makes pretty dope music now. Self-produced, this album deserves your attention.

Daylyt takes his love for Young M.A another step further

Daylyt has already made his love for Young M.A known publicly. I guess that wasn’t enough and now he’s trying to win her over with a mixtape literally dedicated to her. I don’t know if this or the Wendy’s mixtape is weirder.

Lakecia Benjamin Rise Up

Vocalist and saxophone player, Lakecia, released her latest album that is definitely politically conscious but also definitely has some serious grooves. Skip around and find something that might surprise you.

Mike D from the Beastie Boys made a country album

After reading an interview between Mike D and Vulture, I found out that Mike D had recorded a full country album that’s almost 40 minutes long. It’s unclear whether this was done as a joke or not but the fact that it exists continues to blow my mind.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is good at being himself

Arnold recently had heart surgery and then this happened:

Awon & Phoniks The Actual Proof

Phoniks has been such a solid producer for many years and he’s only gotten better. It’s easy to get sucked into the classic boom bap production style and fade into obscurity but Phoniks has kept it interesting with his samples and artists he’s worked with. Peep game.

Get familiar with the female juke movement in Chicago

This short film profiles the community of young women who are keeping the spirit of juking alive and well in Chicago. It was put together by Kenesha “Murdamommy” Sheridan and Wills Glasspiegel.

Stevie Crooks Redemption

A P.S. 4080 alumnus, Stevie just dropped a new album. There’s a reason we worked with this guy once.

T.I.’s son released an album

It’s not terrible. But man, just imagine. Wouldn’t it have been nice if your father was a wildly successful artist so that you could indulge in literally any whim you had as a kid? That’s all.

Adnan Syed wins a chance for another trial

Yes, the once kid, now full grown man, Adnan, has earned another shot at freedom. Since being imprisoned at the age of 17 in 1999, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals has decided that Syed’s trial attorney had demonstrated “deficient performance” and “prejudiced Syed’s defense” by failing to pursue alibi witness Asia McClain. Asia came forward after he was imprisoned and said she remembers being with Adnan during the time frame the murder allegedly happened. A new court date has not been set yet. This case particularly interests me because the Serial podcast was so well done that it inspired our skits from our first album.