We’re late and better than ever. We decided to combine our Weekly Announcements and our 6th Period podcast into one post just to make your lives easier. You’re welcome. So you’ll be able to read our snide remarks on the news while listening to our snide remarks on the news.

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Slodown’s ex gets messy on social media in “For The Night”

This is part two of Slo’s story. Produced by the man, Yllis.

There’s a Chicago juke remix to Cardi B’s “Best Life”

And I think I like this way better.

Are freestyles coming back to the forefront of hip-hop?

Since everyone attempted a dope verse over Three 6 Mafia’s “Who Run It?” I can’t help but have hope that rappers have the balls to step up and challenge others over their beat. At least Tyler seems like he’s doing it for sport. Let’s see if others pick up on the necessary trend.

6th Period Episode 5