So, some people like to ring in their birthdays with a nice home cooked breakfast, surrounded by the people they love. Others head straight to work, anxious for the raucous good times promised after they clock out. Even saner people still, wait to until the weekend to unleash all the primal debauchery that one needs to celebrate another twelve consecutive months of staying alive.

Not this guy. Apparently, Jimi (as I like to call myself) lost his last brain cell somewhere between Ohio and Pennsylvania on his way home from Chicago in 2013.

What does this guy do, what makes him so different? Well Jimi and his friends throw a party the night before, where he proceeds to do stupid things to his body for a few hours. Shots, beer, something akin to dancing (flailing?), beer, Mcdonalds, and actively running away from water. Why? Cause.

Roughly around six in the morning, this guy finally wakes up. “59th Street Columbus Circle. This is a Bronx bound A-Train, the next stop is…oh shit.” My dude, who lives in the complete opposite direction—across a body of water—rang in a new year of life on a dirty train, with an imprint of a bar on the side of his face. Naturally, he got up to run off the train, but the idiot dropped his computer on the floor and his phone was snatched.

Oh yeah, did I mention that it was a Wednesday. Phoneless, computer on the floor, wearing last night’s sweat infused outfit, surrounded by confused and responsible adults heading to work…this guy definitely fucked up.

So what’s the moral of this story?

P.S. 4080 is having another party that promises to be as lit as the one before; however, this time we are doing it on a Sunday. We are planning to have on May 28th, so fix your calendar situation cause I don’t want to send them boys at you.

Listen to the playlist that set off this entire series of events below. It is a turn up, but a blast from the past as well. We out.