I have a serious problem with finishing things. I can admit it, it’s a sore subject for me. Whether it’s a video game, book, or show, I will start off near obsessed and then inevitably, put it down. I do not know why I’m this way—this aspect of myself has caused quite the annoyance in the past, but it remains.

No lie, I stopped watching Atlanta 3 episodes before the finale, for no reason. I’ve watched the first three seasons of The Sopranos like three times, I just cannot will myself to start the fourth. I have a cache of unfinished games, yet I’ll probably buy more. I have a library of books, all bookmarked on the 150th page. I think this says a lot about me, way too much to discuss in this post without falling into some Freudian trap.

However, this weekend I was able to do the impossible and finish a show. If you have not seen the amazing HBO series The Leftovers, I highly recommend you start tonight. The Damon Lindelof (creator of Lost) and Tom Perrotta (author of the novel, The Leftovers) created show is a wild ride from start to finish. It begins after a rapture-like event causes the disappearance of 2% of the world’s population and its effects on a small town in upstate New York. The events that unravel over the next two seasons take viewers to Texas, Australia, and even some supernatural planes. You will be in a perpetual state of “wtf?.”

The real star of the The Leftovers is Liza Richardson. Ms. Richardson is an amazing music supervisor. Her selections throughout the series are mind blowing. The show is gripping, but I constantly found myself looking away to pull up Shazam to find what song was playing in the background. Season 2 was her magnum opus, specifically when she lets Regina Spektor’s “Laughing With” ooze onto a powerful scene. I love this song now, thank you Ms. Richardson.

Equally important though, my mom made some banging Baked Ziti this weekend. She and Ms. Richardson both deserve so much credit for making my weekend amazing. So I made this weekends playlist dedicated to these two women: #LeftoverZiti.