I don’t really have much to say today. I hate sitting down forcing myself to write, especially when I’m hungry. However, sometimes just writing a stream of conscious helps conjure up a piece that was lying dormant in my head.

If you have been following this series in any capacity, you may have noticed that I while I do posses a varied musical taste, all my favorites revolve around downtempo-vibe heavy sounds. I’m not sure when these preference began; however, I’m aware that my particularities were present in high school. I remember listening to my two favorite artists (Nas and Gorillaz), and gravitating towards their slower, more somber tracks.

My two favorite pieces of music are “Memory Lane” and “El Manana,” both of which are reflective in nature. I always wondered if the previously mentioned songs said something about me. If the two tracks do, I’m now curious what they say exaclty. Am I someone who loves to live in the past or am I just way too in my head? Perhaps, I’m just a chill guy?

The latter is wishful thinking, but I am interested in why I’m into such mellow music. I would often tell people in college that I was born to be a stoner, due to my artistic preferences. Although, stoners can like anything. I learned that from Young Thug and college.

I may explore this topic further in upcoming weeks, but for right now…I’m hungry. So, I leave you with this weeks playlist: Rainy Day Vibes.