This post may be a response to the madness of this past weekend, but it’s definitely not a response to you or any of your social media posts. So, please do not take this post personal, even though undoubtedly you will.

This post is not a call for unity or more tension, because this post is just one lonely post looking for any attention. This post might cry out for its “blood and land,” or mourn the loss of blood for a stupid piece of named land. Why this post is so far gone, it stopped caring about being right, because all that’s left seems to be righteous anger. It says why bother yelling truth, when it just becomes a faint whisper once it reaches the other pole.

This post was definitely not right and most assuredly not left; unfortunately, the moderates already nuked this post. They said there were too many choices to work through, so they wanted everything leveled to see exactly where they stand. Thankfully, this post was a pacifist and forwent bringing the fire and fury, so we remain…breathing non-filtered air.

Sorry if this post seems to be driving at nothing and going nowhere. I attempted to steer it in the right direction, but Jesus pistol whipped me, then kicked me out of the driver’s seat. He reversed his way out of the crowd and into a paid leave, pending evaluation. He said this post was pointless (I agreed), looked shady, and was filled with too many skittles. He had to crash it at top speed because he feared for the lives of its readers.

I told him, this post isn’t going to have viewers. He said even with this clickbait title? I don’t know what he was talking about, this post has some dignity. Please note that this post was brought to you by the Tiki Corp. Marching around town, don’t forget to bring your favorite bastardized Polynesian lawn torch!

This post is not from the North and not from the South. However, two Civil War Generals do posses this post. One with a letter as a middle name, simply successful soldiering. The other, who has a fondness of leaving towns a little more lit than when he arrives. Neither were left off of bad and boujee though.

This post in essence is pointless, confusing, and melancholy. Yet, this post brings some good tidings.

Moral of the Story: James is tired fam, lets just listen to some tunes to get our heads right. They can’t take that away. Word to this post.