Yerrr. Been a while.

James has been kinda killing it on our site. Give that man a 40 and a Cuban.

Before this fine 4th of July creeps up and you’re scrambling to find a BBQ or rooftop to crash, I wanted to drop off a little playlist I came up with mostly because Mason misses my “musical influence” in his life. I do, too, Mason.

So in typical fashion, since people were asking for a playlist of new music I instead went back into the catalogs of several artists to find some projects you may have glossed over or just never heard of to begin with. I added the whole album for each album so don’t kill me. It’s still crazy that Future and R. Kelly did a song together in 2012. And I don’t remember hearing it once at a bar/club.

Either way, it’s a change of pace from whatever shit you’re listening to now. I suggest putting this baby on random.